12 Very famous Outdoor Games which we have played in our 90’s

12 Very famous Outdoor Games which you have played in your great 90’s with your colony buddies and you miss them now in your local neighborhood.

We should be proud of if we are 90’s kid because thing which we have done then, are wiped out from the local neighborhood now.

1. Eyes Spies – Internationally known as hide and seek and locally called Chupan-Chupai.

2. Gilli-Danda – Game played with two sticks: a large one called a Danda, which is used to hit a smaller one, the Gilli.

3. Vish–AmritIn this one of the players runs after others and gives them Vish (Dead). As soon as vish is given the person stays there until teammates come to give him/her Amrit (Alive). The game continues until all players have been given vish and no one is left to give amrit.

4. Chor Police or Chor Sipahi – Players are divided into teams Chor and Police/Sipahi. Police seeks the Chor team and brings it to one place and then the teams are exchanged.

5. PitthuA soft ball is made, typically from old socks and in the game the player who has the ball can hit any other player. The game starts with a stack of stones/marbles put on which the ball is hit first, as it breaks, the game starts.

6. Langdi TangIn a defined area one person hops on one leg and try to catch all the other players.

7. Aankh Micholi – Eyes of one of the players are closed by handkerchief and s/he has to find other players in the defined area.

8. Statues – A very famous and often played game, If you are said ‘Statue!’, You remain like one until released.

9. Kancha (Goti)Kancha (Marble) was favorite of many young boys in town and villages nearby. It has its own modus operandi; it is played using marbles called ‘Kancha’. The players are to hit the selected target ‘kancha’ using their own marble ball. The winner takes all Kanchas of rest of the players.

10. Pinky-Pinky – Often played by girls. In this a player would sing, Pinky-Pinky what color you want? Rangon me se kaun sa color? White color! (S/he calls name of a color that is most favorable to him/her). Everybody then run to touch the color. The one who is caught has to catch others in the next round.

11. PoshampaTwo kids make a gate like structure and others pass through it in a line. As soon as the song is finished, the kid inside the gate is taken aside and asked questions. Depending on the answers it is decides in which team he or she will go.

Difficult to explain but I bet you know this rhyme. 

Posham pa bhai posham pa,
Daakiye ne kya kiya,
100 rupay ki gadi churai,
50 rupay ki rabdi khai,
Ab to jail mein jana padega,
Jail ki roti khana padega,
Jail ka pani peena padega, 
Ab to jail mai ana padegaaa.

12. Lattu – Also called Gaming-Top. Gaming top or Lattu was once the most popular street game of India. The game involves spinning a lattu (top) – a solid ‘turnip shaped’ wooden toy with a grooved lower half with two nails dug at the top and the bottom. A cotton string is wrapped around the lower half of the ‘lattu’ to make it spin.


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