15 Reasons to date or to be friend with PUNJABI’s

15 Reasons Why You Should Date PUNJABI’s or have a lifetime friendship with them.

We all want to date someone (I don't know about you, but TheWriterBABA does want) or want to have lifetime friends. But who to pick and why to pick is still not clear to us.

Today, TheWriterBABA recommends you; you should date/or be friend with Punjabi Girl’s/Boy’s (Kudi Te Munda). There is no offence to other religion girls and boys, but just an additional benefit of being a positive Punjabi touch.

Now that we are clear that this article is just in a good spirit, let me share why you should do that.

Punjabi’s (Punju’s) are awesome, It’s not I'm (author of the article) from the same family (actually I do) but it just they have very cool, funny and humorous positive attitude in them.

Even our Bollywood industry accepts this, that is why they keep on making the Punjabi Movies and Characters. Think of Geet (Kareena) in Jab We Met, Vicky (Ayushman) in Vicky Donor, Rani (Kangana) in Queen, Hunny (Pulkit Samrat) in Fukrey, Kavya (Alia Bhat) in HSKD) and many more like that; the list can go endless.

The similarity in all of them was their Happiness, Cheerfulness & Full of life attitude; on the contrary they are gaudy and show offs too. But trust me they don’t care; they simply what they are. And they do what they like and want to do.

They might not be successful at every work, but they always either have a ‘JUGAAD’ how to get things done (“Tu darr mat mere pass ek jugaad hai”). Or a ‘BAHANA’ to prove that this is not possible (“Aray main keh raha hu, Yeh ho ni sakta, Bhai”) and the level of confidence is so high in their tone, you actually start believing things with Goosebumps, “Ki, haa yaar shayad sahi keh raha/rahi hain ”.

So even if dating lines are not on your palms, you must have a Punjabi Girl or Boy as your lifetime friend (BFF).

Here are few pointers on which we are rating them high on Date/Friendship Scale.

1. Food! This is the by far most exciting reason to be around Punjabi’s. You will get full on khatirdari as it’s their tradition and in that you will get to eat awesome dishes like
– Veg Course involves RAJMA, KADI, SARSO – DA – SAAG, and the god of breakfast PARATHA’s of different flavors with butter on the top.
– Non–Veg Menu involves Butter Chicken, Butter Naan, and Tandoori Murga Hayyyeeeeee!
P.S. Lassi is also there, you have to adjust :D

2. Prettiness! If we say in their tone it should be like this – Haye, Kinna Sona-Munda/Soni-Kudi Hain!
Punjabi kudi’s or the Munde’s; they all are prettiest and handsome! Good looks just run in the community! Specifically Punjabi women, they are known for their extraordinary beauty, grace and seductive charm. Till date maximum numbers of beauty pageants have been won by all Punjabi girls ( Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, and Gul Panag).

3Good taste of music! Punjabi’s may be bad at singing (‘Bengali chicks/dudes still retain that title’) but they are die hard music lovers & it’s something which is in their veins. They don't only listen on Yo Yo Honey Singh numbers but they shake their ‘Tooh’ on every Bollywood item song. Also they are always updated, they keep on Whatsapp-ing you New-New songs even if you don’t like :P

4. Ohh! Balle-Balle tune! Punjabi’s are born dancers; they can switch their body from hip hop to bhangra in a blink of an eye. Even if you don’t dance they will make you dance on their Punjabi tunes and teach u few Balle-Balle steps. Remember Vicky donor “Bulb Uttaro Thalle Rakho”.

5. Big Heart! Punjabi’s are extravagant in showing their love. They speak from their hearts. They forgive you so fast! Because they know arguments don’t matters but the person does!
Even if something goes wrong; all you need to do is just apologize from your heart and they'll wave it off with a casual ‘Aray, Koi gal ni yaar ’ and they give you a ‘Jaadu Ki Jappi
They have this other side which is more affectionate than your mum – this is the same reason why their shoulder is the best after you had a bad day.

6. Punjabi Marriages! Punjabi Marriages are the craziest parties on earth. They are something you must witness atleast once if you are friend with them; and if you marry a Punjabi Girl/Boy then be prepared your wedding is going to be the grand affair with relatives coming from far off places, beautiful and handsome friends of bride and groom, non-stop singing, dancing, eating and yes Daaru! ;-).

7. Punjabi Families! Mummy-Ji, Aunty-Ji and Haan-Ji are proof that they always treat you with great gesture. Punjabi hospitality is famous as is their liveliness. Their charm, grace and beautiful smile will make you love them. They always are surrounded with too many relative all the time with common nicknames like Pinky, Happy & Sunny and all are “Khotey De Puttar”.
Your friend’s Punjabi mom will never let you go from there home ‘Bina Kuch Khilaye Pilaye’.
And also their values are so good that you parent will love them because of ‘Pairi Pona’ Aunty-Ji acknowledgement.

8. Being pro in every area! This is exactly the reason you want should have them with in your life. They will help you on every shopping trip, or while negotiating with the “flat broker”. And they have various tricks of convincing people in polite tone like ‘please uncle, itnee door se aayae hai’ & sometime in commanding tone like ‘side wali shop pe dus ka tha’. They can handle everyone from ‘sabziwala’ to ‘car mechanic’.

9. Independent and takes charge! Punjabi’s are the decedents of warrior tribes. They fight for everything. That doesn’t mean, they going to beat you. It just that they are strong, they won't give up easily and it will take a lot effort to break them down from within.

10. Drinking and Social affair! Punjabi’s are always up for drinks and parties. This does NOT mean they are alcoholic! But it just that they enjoy drinking and party, and moreover had a better capacity than you.
They are very social, and will love mingling around with your friends and everyone else in the room. And by the end of the night, they going to be everybody's favorite! And you will be peeping in their Facebook wall next day.

11. Full-on-local! Punjabi’s always know about the best places in town. Since they love travelling and roam about the streets more than anyone else, they know about every other place and where to find the best deal be it ‘butter-chicken @ KakeDaDhaba’ or ‘Manchurian @ChineseHut

12. Great Listeners! You wouldn’t expect it, but Punjabi’s are really good listeners. They’ll listen to what’s troubling you and tell you the solution it they have or else atleast shoulder to rest on.

13. Lak is twenty-eight, and 47 weight? NO! This tagline doesn't suit them but that doesn't mean they are FAT. With all respect to women, Punjabi women have curves, and it's something that they ARE, and SHOULD BE, very proud of! Even if you tell them u r becoming fat they will say this – Khate peete ghar ke hain Ji!

14. Great sense of humor! Punjabis have a great sense of humor, and they can definitely take a joke. Their ability to laugh at themselves as well as on others will always impress you. Their comic timing is impeccable.
Here’s an example –
Friend – Bhai kaisa hai?
Punjabi F – Mast hu… Tu bata?
Friend – Main bhi mast… Yaar ek kaam tha! K
Punjabi F – Haa toh saare kaam karle, phr baat karte hai :-D :-P !!

15. Great drivers! Since they start driving very early of their age, Punjabi dudes are naturals behind the wheel. And that goes for the women too. They can make you feel embarrass of your driving skills when they are behind the wheel, they come from the land of the jeep and the bullet (read with the ‘e’ silent). They'll always find a way to take you out from jam using the tiniest gallis in the city.

So if you date/or be friend with them you will get all this free for lifetime.

Like this if you are dating any Punjabi Girl/Boy or you are friend with them. Also share your view about your “PUNJU BFF”.

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