Music has no boundaries … When talent is there to embrace it!

True talent really knows no boundaries; that’s exactly was the motive of these musicians and singers. The message is simple you can separate an instrument from a musician but not the music!
Watch, what these 18 - 20 year Olds from Delhi did, with Glasses, Bottles and few other stuff.
Sprite | TILE I DIE! An initiative started by Sprite, it’s a platform for those who love to take up a challenge.
They say If you can face any situation with clarity, then you have the Sprite Quotient.
In this video they took away their instruments and want to create something Magical with CLARITY!
If you have a Sprite Quotient and want to be a participant, Register Here.

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SO who is KAPIL TANEJA ?? Thats me, on the Left side over there I'm a 27 year old ( quite old I guess :P ) Living in Gurgaon, if you wanna go by profession. I'm fun loving guy who like to make friends. This is my initiative to do something creative So I welcome you in my reading space, be my guest..!!
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