STARS are for SHINING… DON’T disturb them for MATCHMAKING

We Hindus believe that if we are a Manglik or have Mangal dosh in our Kundali, then Guys! We are in serious trouble and there will be problems and troubles in your married life.

Some priests (we call them Pundit Ji)… even believe that a Manglik has a lot of chances of getting divorced and the worst thing is that someone will die mostly husbands ;-).

Let me share what I found, after searching What/Who is MANGLIK? on Google.

MANGLIK – It is a jingle of two words – Mangal (Planet Mars) + Dosh.

MANGAL – According to Vedic astrology, a person is a Manglik, if the planet Mars is placed in either 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of their lunar chart. These different houses represent different aspects of life, such as contentment and mental peace (4th), marriage (7th), and long life (8th) and so on.

DOSH – A Defect, there are other synonyms to it like blame, flaw, imperfection etc.

So Mangal Dosh is something that can be seen as cursed/imperfect person and it is purely associated with the planet Mars. Incidentally a planet which is just explored by us. (INDIA-ISRO):-D, I hope its lucky else ModiSarkaar will be in trouble:-P

Anyways let me tell you something more interesting which is available on planet earth, not on Mars.

There are enormous myths which are associated with Being Manglik few are listed below:

- Marry a tree first and then your spouse
If a person has a Mangal Dosh in the Kundali then he/she is supposed to marry a tree first, before actually marrying someone from. OK! That means you are killing a tree because according to Manglik dosh someone has to die ;-). So I can see there is still no love towards nature. Marrying a tree first and then tying a knot with your partner, it means you are getting married twice; which is also not valid in Hindus, Still OK! But if you want to marry second time you should be unhappy with your first marriage (Courtesy: Indian Penal Code), and how can a person be unhappy with tree, which is the most living creature used in our Old Bollywood Movies. ;-)

- Husband or any close relative will die (PS: die is must: P)
This is the top most of all myths. I don’t want to comment on this, as everyone has to die one day, but I have a doubt here; where is that palmistry fact which says you will live long and suddenly you will die because you are married to a MANGLIK. Can we stick to one belief at a time?

- Tuesday’s born are Manglik
This is the funniest and the most hilarious one - Many people blindly believe that if you are born on a Mangalvaar (Tuesday) then you are definitely a MANGLIK. If that’s true then Bud! LOL: D … you are already F***ed up. Because this is something you can’t even change. But if this is true then I request all future mothers to please be patient and try to skip Mangalvaar for labor pain; sorry till now we don’t have any other solution; meanwhile we work with Pundits how to erase Mangalvaar from 7days week, till then you please co-operate.

- A Manglik should marry a Manglik only! (I personally Love this)
Here’s finally something which has atleast a punching logic to it, – ‘Loha, Lohe ko kaat-ta hain’! So by this rationale it’s possible. So all you have to do is just find an imperfect partner like you and then result of imperfect + imperfect = can be possibly perfect but conditions (*) apply, please read the offer document clearly before applying ;-) Because side effects! Happen. 

- The marriage will end in a divorce
If this is true then for all my friends who are getting married for money please find a Manglik Rich Partner if you are not Manglik or if you are Manglik then find a Non-Manglik Rich Partner and get married as soon as possible because you will be rich by just that; you don’t have to search for any job on and get richer because this is the fastest way to become rich as well as divorced; please note you still have to bear with the Indian LAW to get the judgment on time but don’t lose hope and patience; Court can’t stop you; YOUR ARE A MANGLIK! It’s your birth right to get divorced.

Phewwww…….And there are few more myths which I can’t handle so you please contact Google Baba for that.

Though, I have a small story to share with you which is based on our Hindus Matchmaking astrology, I’m sure you all know the Matchmaking pointer value which is call GUNN. Higher the GUNN count, higher the chance of successful marriage, Right!

What happened to the marriage of Lord RAMA and Devi SITA, people says all 36-GUNN were matched, and they were the most perfectly matched couple born on earth. But do you really think Devi SITA’s life was the happiest? I doubt.

Consider another logical/mathematical example for today’s generation, if God has set the age of a person ‘X’ as 50 years and that person gets married to a person ‘Y’, now if Y is Manglik, then God is not doing any programming/code change in the JAVA or .Net in the backend
if (X marries Y)
She/he will live for 25 years;
Kill Now ();
She/he will live for 50 years;
Kill Normal ();
End if.

Another fact from our industry – Everyone has seen the movie “Oh My God”, there was a point highlighted of the “The Bhagavad Gita” in the same… “God has created the whole World, and only he is responsible for its destruction” means God is responsible for all the creation and destruction then how can someone’s Mangal affect life and death of someone else.

Now my point of view on this – it’s just a method adopted by some pundits to maintain their say of word and status in Hindu society. I don’t believe that any person can predict your future on the basis of stars. He himself might not know about his life and his future. It’s just a money making mantra.

God has given birth to us and only he can decide Whom/What to finish and When. This myth is purely created by us, we don’t trust and follow what’s written in our holy books but instead start following superstitions.

With due respect to, which may or may not match with me… This was just a gist of everything which I read on internet including my opinion on the same.

Believing in holy things is good but always remember, that your belief should not break someone’s trust.

Lastly I would say – Sorry I’m a Manglik and I can’t change it.

– Kapil Taneja
An Imperfectionist

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