Take a ride pushing, running, twisting and turning : Mumbai Locals !!

Huge crowd of people everywhere your eyes can reach. Atleast one newspaper, chai and vada pao stall. People standing on the edge of the platform with their earphones plugged in. One with a smart phone would be busy facebooking or candy crushing (just to name a few). There are areas where you see a group of girls looking at each other top to bottom signifies the position of ladies special compartment. This is how Mumbai stations looks like. They are like small towns in themselves. Mumbaikars hate it, crib about it but it still holds a significant place in their lives.

Popularly known as the lifeline of the wealthiest city of India. Carrying more than 6.1 million passengers daily, the local train is the fastest mode of transport available to you. It requires skill,technique and persistence to get in and out of a Mumbai local train. The city stands still if it shuts down (which is rare).

Getting into the local train is an art-in-itself, wait patiently for the people inside the compartment to rush out like the water out of a leak from a tank,gushing with all the force it could to free itself from the walls, that held it back. Getting in is equally tough, you don’t really require any effort to step into the train, all you have to do is stand at the right place and at the right time, the energetic Mumbaikars will do the rest.

And the interesting part starts when you are inside the train. All kind of species can be seen doing all sort of activities at one point of time. A good entertainment. Some sleep, some sing a song & travel their way to their own dream world. Some chant God’s name, some abuse. Some talk cricket or politics & some keep their mouths shut. Some just sit back & watch whats happening around. Some even create a bond of friendship with co commuters as they take the same train everyday sharing their happiness and sorrows. For some the journey from travel partners to life partners is magical. Some reading their never ending newspaper. A very strange thing i see here is when in 'RUSH Hours' yes that’s what it is called people fight to get a seat desperately but if a train in empty people would cling to the entry door and look out of the world and enjoy the polluted breeze running through their hair.
Many more things happen in the train. Fights, robbery, violence, Multi-Crore deals, buying & selling of shares of a company, never ending phone calls,vegetable cutting(shocked),bomb blasts, hawkers, dabbawalas, Mumbai Police under-cover agents and many many many many more things happen in the Mumbai local which you and me will never ever even think about. Its a battle for mumbaikars everyday.

But in the end Other than Punctuality, Love,care and humanity is what Mumbai local teaches you.

So this is how I look at local trains.


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