Tea Seller … Writer … Publisher – Story of a 62 Year Old Author Who Sells ‘Chai’ at the Delhi ITO

A man of determination “Laxman Rao” born on 22.07.1952 in Talegaon Dashasar village in Amravati district in Maharashtra 62, who runs a tea-stalls on the footpath in front of Hindi Bhavan near ITO, has so far written 24 books in Hindi.

He is a graduate from Delhi University (distance learning), who hails from a village in Amravati, Maharashtra, penned his first book — ‘Ramdas’ — at a whim while still in school.

He left his village for Bhopal with Rs. 40 in pocket, and then in 1975 shifted to Delhi, he knew it will be difficult to survive in the capital with this hand full of money, so he stationed himself at a dharamshala and started looking for a good job to make earn living.

With a strong determination of not going back to his village, he set up a paan shop on the pavement near Hindi Bhavan in 1976, selling paan in morning and writing books at night.
Within two years, he was ready with a couple of manuscripts. But, getting them published was another challenge, as many rejected him as a writer. And, those who showed some interest asked for money to publish. So he decided in order to convert his manuscripts into books, he will have to publish them by himself.

He started saving money for that and finally he broke the barrier and published his first book — ‘Nai Duniyan ki Nai Kahani’ under the aegis of Bhartiya Sahitya Kala Prakashan (a publishing house he found himself). He published 1000 copies of it and kept it for sale at his pan shop. He also went and sold his books to various schools and colleges in Delhi.

It wasn't easy for him being a ‘footpath-based’ writer. The police and the authorities have dismantled his shop many times in past. But, he managed every obstacle and moved his stall under a tree on the footpath. He reaches there every day at 12 pm with his stove, kettle, glasses and the bags containing the books.

In the past few years, many policemen have come to respect him as a writer and now call him ‘Rao Saheb’. In fact, 80 per cent of his customers call him “Rao Saheb” only.

But this is not where this story ends –

Many stalwarts of Hindi literature, like late Kamleshwar and late Bhisham Sahni, have visited him at his tea shop. He has also received various awards from several NGOs.

He mentioned, out of all awards and recognition best and the golden moment was when he got an invitation (along with his family) from President Pratibha Patil in 2009, he says she asked, “How I manage to write so well in Hindi, which is not my mother tongue”.

He still continues to sell tea because the money that comes from the sale of books is not yet enough to support his family of four. But he hasn't given up, he thinks one day like his novels, his own life story is poised to take a turn, and he will be able to make a living as a full-time writer.

Last but not the least; he proved that there is no specific age for learning; in his 62nd year of living he pursuing M.A. in Hindi Literature.

He has been a life less ordinary, a fascinating tale of a man’s struggle to become a writer against all odds.

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