0th Day - Tribute to Master - For the Blaster

We all know 16th November 2013 was the day when we did final goodbye to something which can’t be replaced; that was an adieu which no one wanted or dreamed on as it was for our childhood hero SACHINTENDULKAR.

Read the name again in clear and slow motion, don’t you get a positive energy & vibes; a happiness which you can’t explain to those who never felt it.

SACHIN was just not an Indian Cricket player he was a family member. He was the reason why people started watching cricket with so much dedication. There was all hope and SACHIN was everything. Every time he was there, India had to win. Even his name in the team was enough; he won’t let you sleep whole night; even if you try he will come in your dreams and send shivers down the bowlers’ spines!

It was a Tsunami of tears and emotions which started when he announced his retirement (On 10 October 2013) from the 22yards.

It is going to be a Year now & we all got busy in our daily lives; but somewhere in our heart we still miss him and still wants to see him playing that ‘Cover Drive’ by sitting on his knee.

TheWriterBABA is paying one-week tribute to his achievements; faith; triumph;  All we want from you is to support-us in this campaign for our HERO or LEGEND or GOD

Keep Like-ing !! Keep Share-ing !! Keep Sach-ing !! Keep Chant-ing SachinSachin !!

Campaign Agenda

09th Nov 2014    -      0th Day  – Images and Flyer
10th Nov 2014    -      1st Day – 24-Years Timeline (1989 – 2013)
11th Nov 2014    -      2nd Day – Achievements and Accomplishments
12th Nov 2014    -      3rd Day  – Videos and Messages from the world
13th Nov 2014    -      4th Day  – Things You Did Not Know About Sachin Tendulkar
14th Nov 2014    -      5th Day  – Day 1 – Update of Farewell Test Match
15th Nov 2014    -      6th Day  – Day 2 – Update of Farewell Test Match
16th Nov 2014    -      7th Day  – Day 3 – Update of Farewell Test Match & Farewell Speech

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