A message to Dear Neighbour. Please Share!

Yet another initiative by US (INDIA) to our neighbor to understand there is no difference over here and there, we may “APART” now but we were “A-PART” earlier.

 The wall between us is not thick enough. We don't see each other, doesn't mean we can't hear each other or feel each other. Our visions are blurred, now we need to "PAUSE" to see who we truly are. Once we do so, we will definitely realize that we are the reflection of each other. 

Our future need not to be same as our past. We hope this letter reaches to the right destination.

If you too PAUSE to think, then do send your message back to @The Writer Baba

Awaiting your reply,
The Neighbour

Credits: Handloom Picture Company
Written and Directed: Ram Subramanian
Website: www.handloompicturecompany.com
Facebook page: facebook.com/HandloomPictureCompany


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SO who is KAPIL TANEJA ?? Thats me, on the Left side over there I'm a 27 year old ( quite old I guess :P ) Living in Gurgaon, if you wanna go by profession. I'm fun loving guy who like to make friends. This is my initiative to do something creative So I welcome you in my reading space, be my guest..!!
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