Be The CHANGE : A Small Beginning !!!

How often have you found yourself blaming the pair of jeans, the salwar kameez,
 the skirt, the t shirt? Do you really think it is your fault when you are violated?
 Do you really think you deserve to be humiliated? Do you really think its your fault when you get raped ? Did i ask for sexual harassment ? 

We Girls say 'NO'.Since years girls have been suffering. And why are we suffering its because of the male.Yes, Its a fact.
It does not affect the people who does the crime but the it creates a setback in victims life forever. There is a need to change the way in which society thinks.

How can we participate in doing so?? 
We can be a change. START FROM YOUR HOME.Gender inequality and discrimination needs to be eliminated through your upbringing. 
After all Children be what you teach them.Women raising boys have the power to shape the next generation of men and those to come by teaching their kids important lessons.
Below are few to list down.

  • Fighting the generations-old “boys don’t cry” trope every time I “allow” him to do just that. It’s okay to cry when he feels overwhelmed by his feelings.

  • The kitchen? Not just for girls. Learn to use a stove.

  • The job of a stay-at-home mom is equally as hard as yours. 

  • Smiles are free so be generous with them.

  • That he has the power to make an amazing difference in life.

  • NEVER use your fists to solve ANY dispute. One wrong punch could take a life and it could be yours.

  • That not following the group doesn't make him a loser, but his own leader.

  • Real girls do not look like Victoria’s Secret models.

  • To say "ladies first," hold doors open for women, and give his date the jacket off his back when he or she is cold because the world is moving forward in wonderful ways but that doesn't mean chivalry has to die.

  • When a girl says no so it means NO .

  • While child birth is a woman's job, rearing them isn't just her duty. Men shouldn't be excluded from it.

  • Nobody needs a proof of you being a man. Act like a gentlemen. 

  • Teach manner how to behave and talk to females. 

  • Not only protect your family but also your surroundings 

  • Because delivering babies is not an easy job and I want my kids to appreciate a woman's body for more than her figure and her looks. Hopefully, they will remember the video the next time they are tempted to say, "girls are weak" at their playground.

  • Wiping the bathroom after a shower. Because no chore is a man or a woman's job. 

  • They need to be taught what respecting a woman means. Respecting her biology, her body, her needs… 

Very few among us have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters. Unfortunately, we Indians have taught our sons to respect only themselves. I'm trying to change that in my own little way, within my own house. It may not change the world, but I take pride in the fact that at the end of the day, because of your one-step-at-a-time philosophy, India will have at least more respectful, alert and feminist men. As a mother,it will be your greatest victory. 


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I would like to change the way on how people think and bring a small change through my writing.
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