Happiness Starts With YOU !!!

Do not wait for big things to happen find happiness in small ones.Think about this Someone is happy with less than what you have .

Life is too short to crib and cry for small things. whatever comes to you mind just do it.

  1. Plant a tree and see it grow.
  2. Get wet in the rain.
  3. Walk on the beach.
  4. Count the stars.
  5. Give food to somebody hungry.
  6. Just confess if you love somebody.
  7. Help Oldie cross the road.
  8. Spend a day with specially challenged.
  9. Keep people around you happy.
  10. Shop Shop till you drop.
  11. Take up full day moms responsibility.
  12. Play with kids in the park.
  13. Teach kids.
  14. Donate something which is very dear to you.
  15. Sleep under the sky.
  16. Dance alone with music loud.
  17. Stop waiting for Fridays to be crazily mad.
  18. Spend a day doing nothing.
  19. Feed animals.
  20. Stop thinking what others think of you. Its none of yr business.
  21. Smile, Happiness looks good on you :)

Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make the most of the moment you are in now.

About parinita

I would like to change the way on how people think and bring a small change through my writing.
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