Story of a creative genius... Who see the world in different way.

Who you are? A Poet; A Writer; A Lyricist; A Cartoonist; An Actor; A Teacher; A Believer ?

What if you meet a person who holds all the above. Yes! He is, Deepak Ramola founder of Project FUELSHARE.EXPRESS.GROW.

The Project aims at documenting the understanding of life through your life lessons. We believe in making lives count. Share your life lesson.

Deepak has one simple philosophy that there are so many mistakes to learn and as many stories to get inspired. For this he travels across Indian cities and shares these lessons with students in creative and influential manner.

He simply says. Look around and Learn

When you learn, you become a star. But when you teach, you become a constellation.
– Deepak Ramola (Founder, Project Fuel)

About kapil

SO who is KAPIL TANEJA ?? Thats me, on the Left side over there I'm a 27 year old ( quite old I guess :P ) Living in Gurgaon, if you wanna go by profession. I'm fun loving guy who like to make friends. This is my initiative to do something creative So I welcome you in my reading space, be my guest..!!
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