A mother teaches her Daughter how to be A ‘Good Girl’ – sad to hear this truth.

BAN Entertainment brings this video to make you realize what’s going wrong in our society. A girl learns what she’s taught since her childhood and if she’s taught to be shy and under-confident all her life, she’ll grow up to be just that. See this girl fighting with her present to make her future as a good girl, wife and mother.
Every girl needs a courageous spirit to adjust to the surefire changes that come along while growing up.
Help her recognize that there are other options for her than just the traditional roles that are blasted upon her presenting the stereotype of female socio-cultured roles of mother, housewives etc.

There is nothing rewarding than seeing a confident girl with self-esteem as she works toward achieving her goals.
Teach her to reach her potential.
The greatest thought is you helped her accomplish that task.
Teach her to be a strong, confident and an independent woman.
Teach her to be more than just a stereotypical good girl.
Teach them to be more than a good girl.

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