Yet another, Bullshit came into existence from our own Indian persona known as an Astrologer in a Kannada news channel Tv9 named Sachidananda Babu, who predicts that “RAPE IS IN OUR STARS”!
The astrologer on Friday predicted the occurrences of sexual assault on zodiac signs!

Here is a sample. The astrologer says that if a girl belongs to the zodiac sign Virgo, there is a good chance that the girl will be raped between the ages of 14 and 20, under the staircase of her house! Can this get any more bizarre?

For the Capricorns, there is possibility that the girl will be raped by father or mother or colleague! And for Aries, this is his prediction - They will be raped in the bathroom. And Aquaries, their husband's elder or younger brother may rape them, he said.

The astrologer suggests 'intelligent' solutions as well.  For Aries, he said, "While you are being raped, hold the paper that has the mantra inscribed tightly."

In another episode of the show titled, ‘ShaniPrabhava 2014', the Swami says that due to the effect of Shani (Saturn) on the Vrishchikarashi, (Scorpio), there will be an increase in rapes! 

The man continues to say that there will be more occurrances of love affairs between students and sexual assualt will be on the rise.

Can you buy this #bullshit which is nothing just a #crap?

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