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TheWriterBABA is an Internet Media, Social News and Entertainment venture. We publish stories with a twist, we share breaking news, we entertain and we upload videos across the social web with the intent of helping and updating our audience in a humorous but logical way.
Here’s a revolution entering the social media and we don’t want you to miss it, that’s why we will be sharing things which are worth a mention …and quite possible, few that are more than just a mention.

But….To be a reader with us, you first need to QUALIFY with TheWriterBABA himself…
Listed below are the readers who are DIS-QUALIFIED by Sakshaat Writer BABA!

·         Less than sensible years of age ( I hope you know what’s the sensible age )
·         Strong follower of politics or belong to Any Party
·         Short tempered or someone from the similar group (what I mean is no Galiyon ki bauchar )
·         No sense of humor ( No comment’s)

So nowww……If you’re still reading, TheWriterBABA is already pleased to … welcome you on board BHAKTJANO (By standing on a board) !!! because he loves hatke readers!

Well for him to love you more….

Here is a secret message from Swayam WriterBABA …….he says….
-         Like me on facebook.com\TheWriterBaba
-         Follow me @TheWriterBaba on Twitter
-         Share your VICHAAR (comments) on my post

Disclaimer: All the posts are meant for good humorous read with zero intent to harm reader’s personal intent or view.
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